“Everybody should read this book”
Sofi Oksanen 


Sofi Oksanen interviews Ilmar Taska


“The characters and events of Ilmar Taska’s bestselling novel Pobeda 1946 form a microcosm of one war-shattered small country’s brutal appropriation of an expansionist power.”
Books of the Year 2018, Paul Binding, The Times Literary Supplement


“Pobeda 1946,  A Car Called Victory is an uplifting, charming and frequently exhilarating novel from a gifted writer. The best books to take on your travels.” Charlie Connelly, The New European


“A powerful thriller set in Soviet-occupied Estonia, this quick read pulls you along each cold railway and into every poorly lit office the characters encounter.  Taska brilliantly brings to the forefront the contradictions inherent in idealism, secrets, and nationality, showing the imminence of disaster that accompanies every pen stroke, every train ride, when one lives under the surveillance of a dictatorship.” Linda Stack-Nelson, World Literature Today. Winter 2019 


“Pobeda 1946 is a striking novel which serves both as a reminder and as a terrifyng warning.” Jørgen Johansen, Berlingske, (Denmark)


“Pobeda 1946 is a dark story, but thanks to its elements of childish wonder and innocence, it is a very charming account of bad times, and makes a lasting impact.” Antti Majander, Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)