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Valeria Correa Fiz was born and raised in Rosario (Argentina), on the banks of the Paraná River. Although she has been living abroad for more than ten years (always in cities that start rigorously with the letter M: Miami, Milan, Madrid), she still retains the murky and seditious humor that the river waters gave hem. For her poetry she recently won the Claudio Rodríguez PrizeLa condición animal is her first book.

Valeria Correa Fiz - La Condicion AnimalLa condición animal (The Animal Condition, 2016)
What makes us different as a species, what does the human condition consist of? An awareness about fragility and mortality perhaps? How would we be if we did not fear the evil in others? This is what these short stories seem to ask.

Animals, and cruelty on animals constitute the backbone of a set of stories that move between the horror and the surreal: photos that undergo transformations and transform the real; the nipple-pincushion of a woman; the beauty of an amputated boy who wants a fortune-teller to foresee his future through one of his limbs preserved in formaldehyde.

A visceral, morbid prose leads to humanity’s own fears and  to reflections on maternity and paternity, on growing up as a way of discovering death, on madness, illness, complicated sexualities, and the process of becoming orphaned.

“La condición animal traces the topography of some of the most powerful literary expressions in contemporary fiction by women. […] There is a similar tour de force between civilization and instinct in the works of other Argentinian writers, such as Mariana Enríquez and Samanta Schweblin, where the sinister serves as a manifestation of history and domesticity.” Marta Sanz – Babelia, El País

168 pages – Original language: Spanish (Páginas de Espuma, 2016)

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