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Enzo Maqueira (Buenos Aires, 1977) is the author of the novels Ruda macho (2010), El impostor (2011), Electrónica (2014). He is a University lecturer and collaborates with various traditional and digital media outlets.

Enzo Maqueira - Hágase usted mismoHágase usted mismo
To abandon everything and run away. Going far, to Patagonia, to the house where he spent his childhood summers. That is the strategy to try to forget a sick relationship that ended in the worst way possible and a life that seemed on track but suddenly lost its meaning. Far from the city, in the desolation of a small town in the middle of the desert, the protagonist will be able to focus on the project that will reignite his life with meaning: to write that film script that will elevate his existence from its current mediocrity. Always carrying a notebook with him, obsessing about possible plots, but in the end always deviating from his original goal: beset by the past and by the memory of a shameful scene, distracted by the discovery of a gun hidden in the house, concerned by the arrival of a sinister neighbour who resembles Freddie Mercury.

As in his celebrated Electronica (a huge success in Argentina), Enzo Maqueira describes the traps in which one falls to escape the mediocrity of these times, such as the idea of artistic or spiritual transcendence, the search for happiness, the addiction to technologies.

118 pages – Original language: Spanish (Páginas de Espuma, 2016)

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