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Dušan Veličković (Belgrade, Serbia, 1947) is a writer, journalist and publisher. After Milošević’s regime political pressure forced him out of the directorship of the respected political and news magazine NIN he decided to launch his own magazine: Biblioteka Alexandria. He later founded the Alexandria Press publishing company. Author of essays on political and philosophical studies, Veličković has written various novels and short stories, translated into different languages. “Amor Mundi” and “Portofino” converged into Serbia Hardcore, autobiographical stories set during the Yugoslav war. He currently lives and works in Belgrade.

Generation Serbia
The narration in 13 chapters follows the lives of a family who will travel from Serbia, at the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, to Russia and America through the Great History: from the so-called “Pig War” to the two world wars, from the Yugoslavian ‘50s and the Communist purges that ended on Goli Otok, to the global rebellion of 1968; from the rise of Milošević in Serbia to the dissolution of the Yugoslav Federation. Like the Federation, in 1991 also the last family unit breaks up, and its last male member leaves, in search of his father.
Never rhetorical, with a simple, minimalist style, the author observes the 20th century in Serbia from an external and neutral point of view. Devoid of ideological interpretations, his distance from the events gives the novel an ironic and self-deprecating tone.

252 Pages – Rights Sold: Serbian (Laguna, Serbia, 2011); Translations/Foreign Editions: Italian (Bottega Errante, 2018)

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