First published in Chile in 2015, and winner of the Chilean Ministry of Culture Best Novel of the Year Prize, CHILEAN ELECTRIC will be published in Spain and disributed in the rest of the Spanish speaking world by Minúscula.

Re-telling the story of the arrival of electricity on the main square of Santiago in 1883 and the narrator’s grandmother memory of the grandiose event of the ceremony is for Fernández the way to explore family history as well as the history of a country shaped by violence. Chilean Electric is a cryptography and an illumination that starting with the country’s literal darkness, sheds light in an impressionistic, lyrical style on the dark history of the disappeared, the murdered, the hanged. It is also the continuation of one of the most important personal projects of contemporary literature in Spanish. A kind of luminous Morse whose ultimate intent is to do away with the shadows for all of us.