In the Alps, there is a lonesome valley where the old and scatterbrained Adelmo Farandola wanders, crazy with solitude. Adelmo’s only companion is a nagging dog; together they form an unusual comic pairing, since Adelmo is able to understand its talking as well as those of other animals of the mountains. He also understands the voices of the wind, the sky, and even of the dead. Struggling in the wild and hostile nature around him, we follow him in the changing of seasons and in the repetitiveness of his actions: but then one day, as spring arrives, Adelmo and his dog notice a foot in the melting snow. Snow, dog, foot is a strange little book that one can read cover to cover, enchanted by its characters and their sarcastic profundity.

“One of the most competent and astonishing novelist of our literary scene”. Umberto Rossi, «Pulp libri»

“He is simply one of the greatest Italian writers of our time”. Fabrizio Ottaviani, «il Giornale»

“This is an impeccable short novel, full of attention to detail and musical rhythm. Morandini leaves behind everything that is unnecessary, revealing himself as a writer of things rather than words. Nevertheless, he can also make lyric sparks and visions out of these words”. Fabrizio Coscia, «il Mattino»


A word of mouth success and number FIVE on the Italian Fiction bestsellers list.

RIGHTS SOLD TO: Peirene Press (United Kingdom/AUS) France (Anacharsis), Turkey (Timas), Chile (Edicola). FILM RIGHTS SOLD to Italian production company FreeSolo Produzioni.


CLAUDIO MORANDINI lives in Aosta. He wrote comedies for the radio, monologues for the theatre and several novels. His previous novel A gran giornate (In great days) won “Città di Trebisacce” Literary Prize in 2013. His next two novels will be published by Bompiani.